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A tutorial, or guide, to Amazon Item Links, and making them usable.

An amazon link is made up of four parts, server, path, asin and

--------------------/ --------------/ --------/ -----------------/
Site Name Script Code # Session Ref.

See below for an update, it gets shorter

The first part, or Server, is the physical server to use when
referring to the object, it can be any one of amazon.co.uk .com,
.co.jp, .co.dk, .co.ca or whatever they have opened today. It is required.

The second part, or path, is almost always /exec/obidos/, and is

The third part is the Amazon System Identification Number, or ASIN,
consisting of that phrase, plus a string identifying the item.

The fourth and final part is everything after the asin number, and is
known as the Session, identifying your personal access of the database
system. It is not any kind of security risk to add this to links,
because should you access this session from a new IP – or after a
length of time – it becomes invalid, but is not necessary for people
to get to your item. For example, the optimal link to the above is:

Furthermore, it should be noted that if you place the id of an Amazon
Affiliate in place of the session, then a percentage of your purchase
will go towards that affiliate. (It’s one of the few ways Aquarionics
comes close to paying for it’s bandwidth).

For example, for that link to donate a percentage (ranging from 5 to
15%) to the Buy Aquarion A Cli

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