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Klind’s Excessivly Wonderful Links.

Developed from the orginal Klind‘s Portal system (My first ever PHP project was an attempt to put my old boxed portal system into a NeatoCool(tm) Database structure. Most of the code for that still survives in the current system, mainly in the table building system for the portal and the Cool Archives.

When I was designing the new Aquarionics Back end, it seemed sensible to put the two systems together to make a large links database, so if I put something in the Cool system that I visit regually from then on, I can press a button in the Admin control panel (Which says, in fact, “Portalize”) and it is now on my home page portal. *Then* I needed something similer for the Webcomics that I read, and so I extended the system to cater for them, which meant making a page that generates a frame-set, with the comics list displayed to the left, and the current comic displayed in the main window.

To Do

  • Seperate the Comics, so they don’t appear in the “All links” section
  • Release source.
  • Comment code nicely.
  • Clean up validity checking code.
Kewl Changelog
* Reformatted "Cool Things" box
+ Added ability to add links that arn't "Cool" by default
+ Added "Suggest Link" functionality
* Modified the Portalboxen function not to display a row of empty boxes at the end sometimes.
+ Add notification of new suggestions, links to Klide's message system.
* Made the Framed section be able to not display certian categories
* Made list.php sort entries.
* Er, I'd better put the redesign here, really. Redesigned system to use Stylesheets.
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