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Far out in the back-waters of the northern spiral arm of the home counties lies a small, unregarded yellow town. Outside this at a fixed distance is a small terraced house known to its residents as Casarufus.

On this unremarkable Tuesday, someone will emerge from Casarufus bound for the excitement and distant lights of The City and the Linux User & Developer Expo 2004 where he will meet the LugRadio crew, have a number of interesting dicussions with interesting people, and ponder the essential futility of packaging OpenOffice. This is not that story (which will come later). This is the story of a network, which is less interesting.

Apparently, I hung around the .org village end of the Expo long enough to be feed wireless-network-geekary by osmosis, because – after three weeks of failing for no apparent reason – my Wireless network just works. I got back last night to discover the broadband connection was down. I rebooted both the modem and the router to no effect and decided to leave it until this morning, in case it was an NTL problem.

This morning, with the connection still not working, I tried plugging my wireless card in again so I could letch off of the person in my neighbourhood with an unsecured network (See DAAT passim) (Did you realise this weblog is actually called “Daze at a Time” and has been since January? In the mists of the great design, I appear to have forgotten to mention it).

Having discovered NTL was having “Scheduled Downtime” which was running over, I tried connecting to _my_ wireless network.

And it worked. Perfectly.

Admittedly, it’s now just as secure as that of the bloke I mentioned earlier, but I’m kinda frightened to touch it now…

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