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So, updates for those who didn’t already know…

In quick sucession, my Switch card failed (I hit my overdraft) and my credit card co sent me a *really* nasty red letter. This meant that, for the past week or so, I’ve been running around talking to banks and begging parents and trying to raise funs to get me to meets, and presents to deserving peoples. This has been antifun.

Then, at roughly the same time, all emails from Aquarionics started bouncing. And all emails from Demon at the same time. I love these little co-incidences, don’t you? So my orders and confirmations were getting lost, and I was running close to the deadlines for posting and… and… and…

And christmas day is on Tuesday, and three of my presents on order have yet to materialise. This is Not Good.

So I’m procrastinating, and have been all week. The new comments system, design, and rethink (Threaded comments are working, btw. You can now reply to comments :-)) are a feature of this.

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