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Today I panicked people, so I shall explain why:

If there is one thing I like, it’s feedback. It’s people telling me what they think in a constructive way so that I can improve upon it, or – even better – giving me ideas for how I should do something a differant way.

I’m fairly heavily involved in the Maskerade project, and when the idea to create a web-application to display pictures that people want displaying came up, I offered to do it.

I spent the next four hours coding. Learning bits of PHP I didn’t know, applying them, making sure the system was secure against Bad Stuff. (This is a system to upload things to the server I pay for bandwidth on, as such, this is a thing that could go *horribly* wrong if it wasn’t secure)

And today I showed it to the first person who wasn’t me.

“It’s totally useless”

Thankyou. This I appreciate. Spending half an hour complaining about something I can’t fix. Because the person to whom I showed it wants *anybody* to be able to upload stuff. And since this is supposed to be a resource for a dicussion, it has to *stay there*.

Do you know what happens to *anything* on the internet that allows you to upload things?

Somebody finds it, and uses it to distribute porn.

it happens to Yahoo, Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, Easyspace and all the other webspace providers. It’s happened to *every* *single* anonymous gallery that used to be around, and I seriously can’t afford the bandwidth. And I said this.

I might as well not have bothered wasting my time.

I wouldn’t have minded if anything said was constructive, but bashing everything I did is not any way to make me want to continue to help.

So this is why I stormed out of #afp.

In case anybody cares.

In other news, I bought Civ3 and am in the process of playing it to death. With the assistance of Pol, my CDR is now making costers instead of doing nothing, and something secret is coming soon. Oh, and I will upload NSD. Promise.

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