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No, I’m not at uni. Put not your trust in Javascript Generated Thingys. I decided to leave it until Sunday to actually get to see my “Real Life” friends, and to go to the Laurabellemeet in London. Thoughts on the train to London:

Somewhere in kent. On a train. Typing into my Mobile. I’m a moron . This can be gathered from my current position relative to the optimal position of my desire. One of which is the middle of ducking nowhere -My mobile is more polite than I am, and parsed that wrong. Correcting it seems heartless. – And the other of which is London. you can guess in which box my life currently resides in. the meet starts in three minutes and I’m in – Checks window – Nutfield.Did I mention the train system is totally screwed? In twenty years of living around here I have never even -heared- of the place. -Sigh-

It went downhill from there, I got to London Bridge, checked when the last train was, got to Elephant and Castle…

And got lost, because I hadn’t brought the Map that Arwen so helpfully put online


So I had to phone Corrine and find out where I was supposed to be, which was approximatly 30 feet behind me.


After which, it got better. Meets usually do 🙂

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