Dark Light
Roll into my flat after a hours rehersing, followed by drinking and being soundly trashed at Pool (I’d say “due to the afformentioned drinking”, but I’d be lying. My skills at pool range from “Wow, What a shot” to “That is the worst pool I’ve ever seen” and swing wildly with no stopping on the middle-ground.)
Phone rings. This is Odd, since there are only two people who know my land-line number, and one of those is my mum. It’s the other one. Talk to Nattie for a hour or so, then go back to sleep
One hour later…
Doorbell. It’s the postman, to deliver an Amazon package I’ve already recieved once. *sigh*. Answer and go back to sleep
Phone rings. This time it’s my mum. Guide her though some aspect of Paint Shop Pro, and go back to sleep.
Doorbell. New Yellow Pages. Thanks. Bye. Sleep
12 noon
Awaken, subconsiously expecting a doorbell, or a phone call. Lie in bed for fifteen minutes, debate getting up.
Decide nothing’s coming, Go back to sleep
Phone call. Mum. Paint Shop Pro.

Give up, decide to read book, since I won’t be allowed to sleep.

Nothing happens. For four hours, nothing happens. I read my book, and nothing continues to happen.

I walk around the flat. Make lunch. Make tea. Make more tea. Nothing happens.

I leave the flat to come to uni…

Phone call.


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