Dark Light

So, I come to the conclusion that this Harry Potter phenominon deserves further investigation, and fetch my mum’s copies of the first two books, and after a couple of hours sitting at the computer watching She’s All That [ DVD | VHS ](…which is standard Geek to Gorgious stuff, misunderstandings, bastards, bitches, “Personality is more important” crap that doesn’t work IRL. But I digress…) and lay full length on my bed and opened “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” at page one and began to read, mentally preparing a mocking paragraph to post here on it.

At twenty minutes to eleven, several hours and about 250 pages later, Harry defeats the evil bad-guy and I close the book. Shocked and stunned. Not since the last Discworld book have I found a book so totally un-put-downable. The writing, the flowing style, the description. The book, despite reguler chapters, doesn’t have any natual plot breaks where you might put the thing down to work out what happens next (Not like the Stephen Lawhead Pendragon books I have been wandering though the last couple of weeks). And not in quite a while have I enjoyed a book quite so much.

Talking of new books, David Eddings latest Epic (this one published in one, huge, volume) thumped itself onto my Duvet at some ungodly hour of the mid-morning today. Sadly it was orignally ordered (from Amazon) as a birthday present for my dad, so I will have to wait a week or so for him to finish. Aparently it is an Eddings By The Numbers, the same charectors shuffled together and dealt into a new storyline. Since his Belgarion saga was original, the Sparhawk stuff was the same plot with differant charectors, it is hardly suprising the the new one is a whole new plot with the same charectors. Next time lucky, maybe.

Other than that, I got a 30 day demo of Macromedia Flash this afternoon, so I may play with that. Results of my playing, as always, will appear here in due course. Oh, and I got threatened with removal from the Webloggers ring today, so I now have to pull my finger out and fix that. There’s always something…

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