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Panic still not over. My ergonomic nightmare of a setup is still killing me (Desk should arrive today, New kb on wednesday, Proper new ergonimic keyboard ($400 worth) ordered when I next get paid. This week I shall train Dragon Simply Speaking to hear me, then use it. In the meantime I’m trying not to think about the stuff I should be writing. This is killing me.

Still no GP, because I need my medical card (Working on this). Back to work Wed/Thursdayish (Where the keyboards and desks are properly set up. Yay). So I’ve been playing games, mostly for the last couple of days Battlefield 1942. A game were you can be infantry that jumps into a jeep, drives to a plane, gets in an pilots it to an aircraft carrier, jumps out and drives /that/ around, before jumping out and being shot by an anti-tank missile. I may have to get the full game. I like this game, hence this week’s banner.

Oh, and we have weekly banners as well as daily ones now 🙂

New stuff in the Gallery (A gallery of pictures and movies of the AFP meet I was at this weekend) which will continue to fill up, because I have my new Canon A40 Digital Camera which is /supercool/.

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