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Yesterday, I mentioned a pizza. I mentioned it not arriving, and of a neat hack I created while waiting for it. This is not the story of that hack. This is the story of the pizza. First, it should be pointed out we have no food in the house except a rather large bowl of Three Ginger Soup. Since we had been eating this soup for the previous three days, I suggested something else. We decided Pizza.

We frequently do.

We went to the Dominos Online site, we ordered Pizza. It worked. We got the conformation email. I started hacking. All was well.

We waited an hour and a half. The pizzas hadn’t arrived. All was less well.

We phoned Dominos. Nation wide crash, they said. Ovens Off, they added. Free Pizza tomorrow, they offered. Yes, we said, and phoned the Original Pizza Company (what happens when a chinesse resturant starts selling Pizza? You get peking duck pizza, which is /nice/). Waited, Got pizza, Watched Young Einstein, Went to bed.

Got up. Went to work. Bus failed to arrive /at all/. Poker, Clients, Grr, Argh, Buffy Noises, Cheque, 17:30, Bank, Home.

At about nine, we phone Dominos for a free pizza, or cc does. We fail to get through, repeatedly. We are put on hold for quarter of an hour, during which we phone the manager on another line and complain that he put us on hold. Order, Begin wait.

Another hour and a half goes by. “On it’s way, sir” says the manager. Another half hour, Pizza Person arrives. There has, he explains, been a terrible fuckup. He suggests phoning the manager, and we complain we might get a free pizza out of it for tomorrow.

We fail to phone the manager. Propergating chain reactions is bad.

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