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Must… get… motivated…. can’t… sit… playing… games…. all… day…

Actually yes, that’s exactly what I can do. This is the problem. I havn’t done any decent Webdesign in days, I havn’t writtian anything creative in almost as long. Summer holidays and the Apathy sets in.

I did, however, install the new fan on my Celeron this morning. Would you believe that my old heatsink was actually glued into place? I was terrified I would break the chip by taking it off. Morons.

Still awaiting Amazon.co.uk to come though. The Bookshop I’m designing has split off into the Reviews section and differant pages for Terry Pratchett and David Eddings. Both are awaiting a flash of insperation for me to get the design done, the reviews section needs… well… reviews, and the TP Section needs me to tap in all the books to Amazons search engine so I can link to them. The Eddings section has just been updated with links to most of the books.

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