Previous editions: 2009 2012 2014 I’ve got into the habit of photographing the contents of my bag & pocketvomit every so often. Partly as a personal “Where you were” thing, but also because one of the early times I did it –

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Not the band of wizards, the game. The Magic Circle is the the closest thing to an advancement of whatever genre Portal is since… well, since Portal. It’s not Portal, though. It’s kind of an RPG in the same way

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The release of a new Debian version is one of those Deep Thought moments. The great machinery has been churning and grinding for seven and a half million years to produce this single result, and it pops out and stands

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There was a movie. It’s… Um.

Let’s start with this: The following review contains spoilers for Age of Ultron. They start after the following paragraph, which is why you need to click the link to read the rest.

Right, so my problem with AoU is that it’s a comic book event series. Its purpose is to make people need to go and see it to wrap up the past and understand the future episodes. It’s the exact kind of Age Of Secret War On Ultimate Earth cross-francise bullshit that generally kicks me off any super-hero comic series I’ve started to get into. Suddenly, in order to follow the arc of a character I need to buy twelve comics across nine series, five of which my local shop doesn’t carry. The actual plot of the movie doesn’t really maintain its own momentum.

I don’t entirely agree with the premise, I’m not quite that cynical. However. The Bonzos, with the best election day pop song created.


My major success story this week has been to utterly screw up my desktop computer. Over the last few years, I’ve started selecting PC components based on silence. When I did a replacement of the motherboard/CPU/cooling systems last year, though,

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2015-04-30 07.55.13_solid

Missed a Tuesday, then a Wednesday. I’m great at this… Last week at work was preparation for our first real outing for Skute, where we’re running a music thing at Streetfest. Getting all the content-related ducks in a line has

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On the March 14, 2012, Double Fine successfully raised $3,336,372 on Kickstarter to do something I’ve always wanted Double Fine to do: Make an old-style Lucasarts Adventure game, but with all the shiny graphics and stuff that modern development can provide.

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Often I’m working with people who own a domain, but don’t really know what that means, or how it connects to the real world. Or at least the internet. Here’s a basic guide to how stuff plugs together. There are

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The wrong question is “What did you do before the internet?”, today. Today’s question is “What do you do after the internet?”. We have no internet, because Virgin are futzing with the wires, and so I have a freshly minted

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