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Less great at the weekly thing than I’d hoped, to be honest, so the traditional WRP format returns.



Today’s crunch day, in several respects. Four weeks is the point where we have to push the big red button with HR saying “This person is leaving”. Today I’ve got to get my holiday requests in and any other outstanding things fixed on my record, and it’s coming close to the wire for if they can find a way to make me stay. So far I’m informed that in a meeting a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t invited to, people were told I was “Probably not actually leaving” and “Offered a new role in London”, so I’m feeling kind of gas-lit as well as ill-inclined to stay, not that I’ve had any communication at all.

So I’m documenting all the things and attempting to get my ducks in a row, and assuming the future doesn’t have this desk in it.


A number of interesting conversations with a series of interesting places, none of which have resulted in any kind of forward motion yet, but four weeks is traditionally the point where I can start getting contracts in advance, so I’m hoping for some movement on that front this week.



Part of my lack of ability to do weekly updates is that I’m doing something larp related most weekends until mid-March. I missed The Smoke (a larp convention thing) at the start of the year due to a pile-up of stuff, but on the 14th and this past weekend were events for Slayers, the LARP set in the Buffy/Angel universe. One a social gathering with background weirdness, the other a psychological horror with added apocalypse, they demonstrated the range of things you can do within a single universe with the right setting. This weekend will be an Empire event, then the week after Happily Ever After, where I’m helping crew an event based around fairytales and their place in the real world. My resolution to do more LARP is going well, I think.

Computer Games

Currently nearing the end of my holiday in WoW, I think. Legion’s interesting, but the last couple of zones aren’t holding my interest and I’m not dedicated enough to start faffing around with raid builds. The last few evenings I’ve had playing things have been drunk by Factorio, which sits in the middle of a triangle made from the obsessive automation of SpaceChem, the crafting spiral of Minecraft, and the soothing production flow perfectionism of the original two Settlers games. It is Very Dangerous.


More productive on Fiction stuff than normal. I’m quite proud of Cats & Dragons, and I’ve poured some more words into The Book. I’ve also started the process of unstitching Piracy Inc until I get to where I made some fundamental design mistakes, so with any luck can start to move on with that soon.


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