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The journey of a thousand miles begins with stealing someone’s moccasins, or something.

Bullet point one on the list in Week 52 was “Reclaim my days”. Currently I’m spending 3 hours a day commuting, something I find stressful and literally counterproductive, in that 60-90 minutes waiting for and waiting on buses then requires a while of finding my calm again. As a result my mornings at work – traditionally my most productive period – aren’t very useful, and my evenings at home become vegetation. It doesn’t leave time mental space in my life to take driving lessons, work on personal projects, or even read much that requires brain power.

Last time I was working at a job I wasn’t enjoying with a commute that was eating my life, I waited until after everything important to me had died before moving closer to the job, then quitting the job when that didn’t help. This time, as above, I’m trying the other way around.

So, I’ll be contracting again as of early March. No point in attempting to line anything up this far in advance, I think, and I won’t be starting the big splashy changes (Updating LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Design refresh of istic.net and notifying preferred recruiters) for a couple of weeks to avoid various bits of panic.

So that was my first day back at work.

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  1. Big love. I have a similar complex decision, though for different motivators, to wrestle with in the next few weeks.

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