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2015 is a year full of things I didn’t want to do, some of which have turned out for the best. I regret having to leave London, shuttering Istic Networks for the moment, moving to a full time permanent job. I’ve not progressed in my personal projects hardly at all, didn’t succeed at any of my fitness goals. I am in almost exactly the same place I was – physically and mentally – last year, and neither of those are good. Worse, in fact, since my knee’s still partially fucked from the fall, and my shoulder’s not happy either.

Still, I’ve set up the dominos for next year. I’ve got a bike to reduce my commute time and increase fitness – once the knee and shoulder are willing – I’ve booked my theory driving test for the end of the month. The new job is fewer hours and less stress than any I’ve had in the last ten years, and once I lose the multiple hour commute I can take advantage of that. New city means new social, and smaller cities make that a lot easier.

This year I start playing Empire, which I’m looking forward to a lot, and the final acrobatic landing of Odyssey, which is exciting and intimidating in equal measure. I’m aiming to play at least one larp without crewing it at all – Tales out of Anchor is in Feb – and hopefully more.

So less me, more larp, and hopefully with it getting better at this weekly update thing.

Week one. Let’s do this.

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