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It’s just over a year since the last experiment with making Porter resulted in an “over lively” beer that fountained over the top a bit.

Over the last couple of months, I decided to retry this experiment. I bought a kit for “Pernickety Porter” and something else from Brew Craft Beer, with the intention of playing with this one and then some kind of photo-essay review of the other one. When it came to the bottling of the beer, I happened to have made some simple syrup (for cocktails and coffee) that morning, so instead of the weak sugar solution, I used that.

This, it turns out, wasn’t my greatest idea ever. The first glass I tried this evening, I opened the bottle over the sink, because occasionally I learn from my mistakes. It bubbled over a bit… well, a lot… and I ended up with a half-litre glass like this out of a 330ml bottle:

Funny. Ha ha. So I waited for the bubbles to go down, got most of the bottle of beer into the glass, and thought “What would be funny is if I took a video of opening the bottle, with the bottle in the glass, so it fills up the glass, and I can make a joke about the world’s first self-pouring beer!”

Nah. Not so much.

Second bottle, followed by second bottle in full “oh fuck” x8 slow motion:

Now, of course, I had one bottle that fizzed a bit, and another that did the volcano thing. What this required was SCIENCE. So, science. Note, under “sometimes I learn from my mistakes” above, the new addition to my method: Experiment is now done in a baking tray with a teatowel underneath it.

This weekend, I’m going to attempt the Grubby Teapot Brown Ale from the same place.

This time, I think I’ll follow the recipe more carefully.

Now, however, I need to clean the kitchen floor a bit.

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