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So I get a new shiny device that will primarily be with me during my trips into the outside world, and first I go “Oooh, shiny” and second I go “Would this be covered if I fell on it?”

So I phone up my insurance people and say “Is this covered under my personal contents insurance?” and they say “What personal contents insurance?” and I say “Bwah?”

Because it turns out that when I renewed the house insurance in November, I did not renew the personal contents insurance; and since then any tripping and landing on iPad, or theft of Laptop on train, or anything like that would have resulted in a large hole in my wallet. I’ve no idea if I just didn’t pay attention during the renewal, or whose accident it was.

Fortunately this was discovered before I took my laptop to a larp field, I guess.

Today is National Insurance Awareness Day, which is brought to you by the people who brought you National Backups Awareness Day.

Which is still every day.

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