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The annual resolution to spend more time blogging has been made, and it’s 4am on Boxing Day, so what else am I going to do?

Christmas has happened, in the way that it does. This year we got a tree (which is better than last year) and I got most of my presents sorted (Actually, I got just over half of them sorted, and claimed act of deity for the rest. I’ll sort this).

We do Christmas as a couple, and have done for the last four years or so, rather than heading off to one or the other’s relatives. Standing agreement is that day of just us, and everything else can deluge later. By a melding of different family traditions, and a few new ones of our own, we get though.

It Begins
It Begins – Christmas dinner starts. Not pictured: A large block of gammon, simmering merrily to the left.

Christmas dinner was a qualified success. A more complicated roast than I usually do – usually I go for something that’s as close to “Bung it in the oven” as I can manage, this year I went for something significantly more complicated at more or less the last minute. This worked, mostly (Gantt chart at the ready), though a misreading of a recipe bolloxed the braised cabbage in a “What do you mean another hour, fuck that” and was replaced with something quick and simple.

Christmas Dinner:

Lack of dining table in this flat, so enjoyed in front of Guardians of the Galaxy, followed by me falling asleep and waking up at 3am on boxing day.

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