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My first job, I got though a friend I met on IRC. It was a contract job, which ended. (3 months)

My second job, I applied direct. The company died, and the job with it.  (1 year 2 months)

My third job I got through a recruiter, I resigned for complicated reasons, (2 years 3 months)

My fourth job, I got though a friend I met on Usenet – the same community as the first – The company died, and the job with it.  (2 years)

My fifth I applied direct. I was fired after losing the “I quit”, “You’re Fired” high noon shootout. (3 months)

My sixth came though a recruiter. I was made redundant because they didn’t need people doing the job I was on a path to do. (1 year 11 months)

My seventh job came though a friend I met on IRC. It ended after they decided the project I was working on didn’t need full time development (they were partly right) (6 months)

My eighth job came from a friend I met on IRC, and ended when I finished the project in the contract (2 months)

My ninth job came though a recruiter, and started contract and then became permanent. The contract stage lasted longer than the permanent stage did, as the company downsized. (11 months)

My tenth job came though a recruiter, and I left after a year after a trajectory review. (1 year 4 months)

My eleventh job I got though Reddit, of all things. It’s a contract.

I start on Monday.

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  1. Well, it’s nice to know that Reddit at least has one positive feature then 🙂


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