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Last night, I forgot to set my alarm clock.

Despite this, I appear to be up (It’s somewhere in the region of half-past seven) and have been for the last hour and a half. I appear to be being turned into a morning person against my will. Scary.

Stuff’s happening. I’m seeing a huge gap in the blogging world for Threadnaut, which I’ll eventually a) code and b) announce, but right now I’m sort of caught up in this whole “Paid Employment” thing, mostly because I’m trying to turn it from a great idea (which it is) to an idea that’s firstly usable by me and secondarily marketable. Let others in the company do prioritize this the other way around, my mission is to execute this nicely.

In doing this I’m learning more about DHTML than I thought I’d ever need, and more about the JavaScript security model than I ever thought necessery (In particular, I’m discovering that there is one, and that IE supports it the same way Moz does, and that this is bad for my freedom of code, but I digress), and this is leading to research into such fun things as XUL, Sidebars (Both IE and Moz) and such. So generally I’m having fun, and getting paid for it, which is always a bonus.

Be prepared for an article on why I hate XForms, possibly entitled “A mark-up and formy blight”

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