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…[I]mmigration minister Meg Hillier tells voters in Dagenham, […]. “We fingerprint anyone who comes in for over six months. Foreigners now have to carry special national identity cards.” [Guardian Opinion, Apr 26th]

We treat immigrants like criminals, and then we are suprised when some of them act like criminals.

Soon we shall treat *everyone* like criminals!

Vote labour. Woo.

Is it me, or does the word “Foreigner” now automatically come with its own greasy mark when used in the press?

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I find myself very confused how I’m supposed to take the whole DailyMail-driven “Immigrants give our house prices cancer” thing that seems to sweep the nation. On the one hand, I’m an immigrant and a foreigner, but on the other hand, I’m from one of the “One of us” countries, so I don’t count as an “Immigrant” and “Foreigner”.

It’s all very confusing. Basically, it seems it’s okay to come here provided you are a) white, b) from a cold-war-era western country (because now Poland and Slovakia are also nominally western countries, and they don’t seem to be welcome), and, most importantly, c) that only a few of you come and spread out, so you can’t form a group.

(Hillier’s foreigners are non-EU nationals, of course – EU nationals can come here without fingerprints and id cards.)

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