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From the Lord of the Rings Online dev tracker:

Vastin says: Tsk. You know, Aragorn brought a 5-man team into his solo Weathertop instance and just ended up having to carry the whole thing anyway.

Worst… pug… ever!

As for hitting the solo story wall, I think several folks have some reason to be pretty bitter on that front. I mean, seriously:

Thorin organized an entire 14-man raid before he realized that the first half of the Lonely Mountain instance was solo-only – and pretty much impossible for anyone but a burglar.

The rest of the raid ended up having to sit and twiddle their thumbs for days until the idiot burg finally beat the damn quest and opened up the storyline they needed to move on to the next stage of the encounter.

Almost as bad as when the devs forced Frodo and Sam to disband their two-man questing fellowship in the middle of Cirith Ungol and made them run several hours of crazy statted solo-blocker instances before they could reform and move into the new Mordor expansion.

[shakes head]

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