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(Too much punctuation in one title, perhaps?)

Aquarion returns from playing Bloodlines
Mandy_Away: good?
Aquarion: Sort of
Aquarion: The story is well done, the characters are very well done, and I’m enjoying it.
Aquarion: And it uses the HL2 engine, so it looks cool
Aquarion: OTOH, it runs like a dog (Even though HL2 – which is far more visually complicated – glides)
Aquarion: and there are occasional scripting glitches which are annoying.
Aquarion: (Like a bad-guy who crashes though the door, gun at the ready, and then stands up and still for a while because I’m hiding behind a box and he can’t see me. Which just looks silly)
Aquarion: Oh, and the combat system is a bitch, but that may be because it tends to sink the frame-rate though the floor.
Aquarion: OTOH, I’ve been playing it for about six or so hours, apparently, which is a bit of a shock. So it must be bearable šŸ™‚

Talking of scripting, though, here is an example of Bloodlines’ scripting:

## after the masquerade pop-up in the chopshop office
def OnMasqueradeEnd():
    if IsClan(FindPlayer(), "Nosferatu"):
        popup = Find("popup_24")
        popup = Find("popup_15")

    trig = Find("trig_popup_masquerade")

Yup, Bloodlines’ scripting is pure, 100% unadulterated Python code, so if it doesn’t work, I can at least try to fix it…

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