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Today has mostly been spent playing Super Paper Mario.

Which is crack.

And has an evil bad-guy who narrates his actions in the third person.

And kidnaps Princess Peach (suprise) and Bowser (Hmm?) to force them to marry each other. It is a game where you find out what the backs of Goombas look like.

It’s also a game where you can skip the traditional “Don’t let the falling rocks hit me” by flicking to 3D mode and realizing they don’t have a thickness and you can walk around them.

It is also crack. More crack than the photo indicates.

But I have hit the annoying game crashing bug which has stopped me playing for now.

On a related note, the point of people running their own Team Fortress 2 servers is overridden slightly when we can only play for ten seconds before they realize the Valve Anti-Cheating Server is down and kick us off. Rar.

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