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I accidentally bought a new camera today, and one of my resolutions since I did so is to take more photos, which seems like a good reason to bring the gallery back into the main site. For those of you not long term readers, or had forgotten, the “Pictures” link didn’t used to go to my Flickr account, but instead to AqCom’s very own Gallery system which was created, and then had stuff bolted on to the end of it, and then began to get to the point where making fixes meant a day of broken things. So I abandoned it a bit. Flickr is a far better photo management system anyway (So long as I keep all the originals) and has the community stuff as well. The best of both worlds would be, then, for a page on this site to reflect my latest exploits in the world of Flickr.

This is NewGallery, which contains not only the most recent photos, but a list of my flickr photosets (See the icons on those? you have absolutely no idea how long it took me to make that work, and it’s still not perfect. Playing with GD is fun, it really is).

And because of the way the Epistula Development Environment is funded, the code’s already online

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