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So, the game is up, the announcement is made, the paper handed in. As of 4th November 2006 I am no longer an employee of Those Who Evolve (I am not allowed to mention their name, because whenever I do AqCom comes as second match for it. I get in trouble for that).

Hire This Geek.

I am a sysadmin, I develop, I research, I slice! I dice! I can save your company making expensive mistakes, whilst keeping you doing things – like WAI, XHTML, CSS and UJS – The Right Way. I speak PHP, Python, Perl and other things beginning with P, do Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, and am capable of explaining anything to anyone, providing I understand it myself. I understand how the Internet works.

I have a CV over here, should you want such.

I live in Bedford, but am planning to move to Cambridge, and will commute to London if I need to.

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