Archive: June 2006

Thirty, part one of thirty I have spent three days being fifteen people, most of them dead. I will explain later.

Yesterday’s Anywhere But Here contains one of the best dream sequences in comic form I’ve seen. You should read it.

Numbers of the beast evil, humour City of Heroes Emulator A free server for CoH/CoV cityofheroes OmegaDrivers Advanced tweaked drivers for windows ati, gaming

Othello — Abridged, filmed in World of Warcraft WoW, computergames, games, shakespeare, video Cooking For Engineers – Recipe File: Cheesecake Cupcakes food

Maelstrom is a Live Action Role playing Thing. Basically, it’s much like tabletop, traditional role playing, except there is no GM (though there are Refs, and the refs Know All. Or most) and the fighting is done using latex weapons

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Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush Monkey Island The soundtrack is Weird Al funny, monkeyisland, weirdal

Transmitting sound files to a remote machine’s speakers tutorial is for OS-X, but will work for any *ix box geekery, music, networking, osx

I am going to Maelstrom for the hotest weekend of the year (Not that there’s a hell of a lot of competition). How would you like your Aquarion: baked, boiled or fried? For the They Who Evolve World Cup Sweepstakes,

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Since I appear to have forgotten to do this entirely, and I really did mean to: If you’re looking for an ADSL provider with Actual Real People on the other end, that doesn’t suck in any way, shape or form

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This weekend I inhaled more weed than I intended to, had my arse grabbed, drank lots of beer, watched an entire football match, bought a hat, nearly had my mobile ran over by a taxi, saw every Radio 4 Comedy

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