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So, Bungie, who are the people who made Halo and are owned by Microsoft, cut their teeth on a series of games for the Mac called Marathon.

They’ve recently released all three for free download (Free as in beer, though they are supporting an Open Source conversion of the engine). This is how I got them to work on my Powerbook.

One, Mac Classic

The Marathons are old software, so you’ll need a Mac Classic (that is, OS9) environment to run them in. Fortunately Apple supply you with an install of OS9 on the second OSX install disk you got with the laptop. Dig it out, set up a 1 Gig disk image somewhere on your system, and install OS9 to it by clicking the icon when you put the install disk in.

Then, go to System Preferences and then Classic, and when it finds your new Classic install, click Okay.

Two, Marathon.

  • Download Marathon.
  • Extract it.
  • Double-click the icon


    You’ll need to redefine the controls, as they default to a number pad the Laptops don’t have.

    That’s it.

    For shits and giggles, now attempt to run a game released 11 years ago under Windows XP without resorting to Dosbox

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