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If you use a mac, and iTunes, you’ll know about the little arrow links on the currently playing track that take you to the iTunes store search for that artist/track.

I’ve never used these, and I don’t like them. But now I know about this:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes invertStoreLinks -bool YES

This makes all the little arrows search your internal library instead. So clicking the arrow beside “Hello City” takes me to the album, and clicking “Barenaked Ladies” takes me to my entire collection of canadian bands with a double-bass in them.

Incidentally, in Windows, you can do this:

  • Close iTunes
  • Go to the run dialog (Windows+r)
  • Enter %appdata%
  • Open “Apple ComputeriTunesiTunesPrefs.xml” in some kind of text editor
  • Search for the string “<key>User Preferences</key>
  • Under that is the tag “Dict”, and directly under that you should paste this:
  • Save, Exit, Reopen iTunes
  • Profit

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