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There are twenty seven introductions in This MP3. You get a point for the track, a point for the artist, and a point for the original where useful

  1. Guitar ThingIs indeed Sgt Pepper, Originally Beatles, played here by Hendrix
  2. Swoopy guitar thing Killer Robots From Venus, The Arrogant Worms
  3. Twangy Thing Is Cats in the Cradle, but isn’t Ugly Kid Joe er, yes it is. My MP3 is labeled “Eagles” for no apparently good reason. It was still originally by Harry Chapin, though
  4. People noisy and piano thing.
  5. Dull thumpy thing
  6. Three chords thing Mitch Benn, Crap Shag
  7. Stringy whistly thing Milla, Gentlemen Who Fell
  8. Twiddly guitar thing Franz Ferdinand indeed, not Take Me Out, though, Barry got it, it’s Tell Her Tonight
  9. Tarzan grunty thing.
  10. Baa baa black sheep thing Is indeed Divine Comedy
  11. Built up thing Isn’t Pink Floyd at all. Is, in fact, My Culture by One Giant Leap
  12. Synthy droppy thing.
  13. Pretend trumptety thing that I forgot I owned and so played too much of
  14. Crashy guitar thing Stockholme Syndrome, Muse
  15. Ahhh-ahh-ah thing.
  16. Really obvious short guitar thing Californication RHCP
  17. Closing fuzz and drumy guitar thing Billy Joel, Sleeping With The Television On.
  18. Guitar thing that I need a better description for Rotterdam, by The Beautiful South
  19. Almost backwards guitar thing
  20. Twangy country guitar thing
  21. Build up pop song thing Charmless Man, Blur
  22. Folk song rock song thing The Folksmen, Start Me Up
  23. It might be a violin solo Kiss Me, Son Of God, by They Might Be Giants
  24. Live electric guitar thing.
  25. Bastard drum machine thing
  26. Twangy pop song that is almost cheating thing Alternative Girlfriend, Barenaked Ladies
  1. Foolish Bonus Thing Lovefool
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