Dark Light

So, for the three of you who still read this site outside of some kind of Aggregator, be it Livejournal or Bloglines, you will undoubtably be wondering where the nice banners went. (You’re not? Reload, stylesheets have changed).

Fact is, until I’ve got some time to make some new banners – also insperation, really – they’ve gone away (Entries that did have banners still have banners, so that’s most of the 2004 archive) but the rest has this new swishy top-lefty back-to-AqCom8-swish graphic, and a new header that isn’t at the top (Something of radical departure for AqCom designs, as it happens).

Also, the frame effect on the moblog picture is neater, and the postmarks (while looking exactly the same) are now absolutely positioned, rather than “draw the postmark, sift it a few pixels to the right, and then draw the stamp underneath it”. I really have to go though Aq11/main.css and work out what I can lose without breaking old entries.

Oh, and it’s a little broken in IE. Watch me not care, I’ll fix it later.

Oh, and we validate again. Go Me.

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