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Lonecat has just explained that she doesn’t love me anymore.

so I’m a little upset. I may not be a sane or rational human being for a little while.

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It snew today.

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a href=”” title=”Image154.jpg”>Image154.jpg

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Raggy Dolls

Did you know that the theme from Raggy Dolls was composed and sung by Neil Innes of the Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band?

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Okay, so I’ve spent five days doing very little. I’ve scored zero for three on all the things I had to do over the holiday, zero for $MANY on all the things I wanted to do over the holiday, and instead have played to completion KOTOR2.

I am, as a result, quite a bit more sane than previously. I have a Lack of Stress, and am generally back to normal levels of me-ness. And I no longer feel the urge to go anywhere with a machine gun.

Now, a light-sabre…

I fully expect this trend to be in danger by half past six tomorrow morning and utterly destroyed within five minutes of being in the office. They’ve probably implemented the Great Office Movearound that’s been on the cards since I arrived in October.

Oh, and we’re doing interesting things I can talk about, too.

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KOTOR2 review updated

Today is not Valentines. I have therefore repainted Aquarionics blue in celebration of this fact.

(Seriously, this year the “I hate Valentines” brigade have done more than any other factor in turning the day sour for anyone who would otherwise have enjoyed it, treated it as a bit of fun, whatever. If you feel that strongly about it, pick another day of the year and celebrate “Happy Depressed Singletons” day instead, and stop poisoning other people’s enjoyment of existing traditions.)

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Temporary Republican

Friday, I bought Knights of the Old Republic 2

Current thoughts on it are at hol.istic

Normal lack of service will be resumed at some point.

In the mean time, A squirrel being fired from a catapult and the perils of high-fat tuna

Have a nice day.

Fixed the link

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More Tunes

(Yeah, I’m trying to make up for three months of lack of content in a week, Sosumi)

Another MP3 of the $TIMEPERIOD, this time from… someplace.

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Okay, so the AqCom tradition of gradual redesign has come back with something of a vengance after a year of relative stagnation, enough for me to stick a peg in the ground and say “This is what it looks like now”, anyway.

This is what it looks like now:

(A rare view there of the elusive AqCom admin interface, such as it is)

The thing that drove the design was the fact due to my current “Sunlight at weekends” status (It’s winter, I leave home before dawn and arrive back after dusk. And, obviously, I walk fifteen miles uphill both ways, in the snow! and sleet! And we never weren’t given breakfast, we weren’t) I haven’t been able to take photos for the banners, eventually falling back from weekly, to monthly banners, and for the last week it’s defaulted back to the original one. Enough was enough. Time to design around it.

Also, I missed the swish. The swish is the design term for the curve that graced AqCom 7 & 8, was replaced with the glasses for 9 and ditched for the banner in 10. I wasn’t happy with the huge gutter it left down the left hand side, really. And since the shape meant that gutter or a large gap at the top – or a medium gutter on both – I was stuck. I couldn’t make the text scroll over it, that looked silly.

Can’t go over it, Can’t go ‘round it, have to go under it.

The swish is now a png, with a semitransparent shadow, placed in a design-element div (yes, ick, but occasionally we sacrifice elegance for beauty) absolutly in the top left hand corner. It’s given a z-index of 200. (The stamps and postmarks have 100 and 101 respectivly, the 200 means that – should it be an issue – they will slide under the swish) and yay, text disappears into the shadows under the arch, isn’t that neat?

Well, yes, yet not perfect. The problem with the swish being on top of the text is that clicks ignore transparency. Any links (or input elements) displayed within the boundry box of the div that displays the swish weren’t clickable, since you weren’t clicking the link but the image over the top of them.


This stopped the idea for a while, while I moved the header from over the top to the current graphic (filling in the gutter down the left I hated so much. Later revisions of Aq10 had a migrane-inducing black & white tiled pattern down there).

What I needed to do was give the links a Z-Index higher than the swish. I initally put Z-Index: 202; onto the “item” class – of which every block of main content on AqCom is a member – but that meant that the text flowed over the top of the swish again, which still looked just as bad as the first time I nixed the idea.

The problem was solved by Rory when he informed me that Absolute didn’t do what I thought it did, because in playing with that and the postmarks, I realised that there was a solution. It is this:

a, input, textarea, select {
position: relative;
z-index: 202;

Spot that? The position means it can get a z-index, but the lack of any further instructions means that the only way it moves is outwards. Everything that isn’t a link slides under the shadow, but links – which are almost the same colour as the top of the fade anyway – slide over the swish and are thus clickable.

Last problem was that the swish was obscuring too much of the text, which annoyed me, so I made it smaller. Eventually I’ll probably move the site content down a bit so I can put the full-sized curve back. The two full sized curves look like this:

  • iSwish

    So this is unlikely to stay still very long…

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Mac Mini Review

(Not mine, sadly. Though the office is getting one)

The Mini has got some built-in software for basic computer functions, but it cant do many common things as well as its grown-up brothers in the Windows world can. The little things can add up to big frustration for someone who might accidentally buy a Mini expecting it to be just like Windows. For example, there is no Outlook Express for email, but Apple includes a program called Mail, which is like a stripped-down email client that cant execute scripts or open attachments without user intervention.

Division Two reviews The Mac Mini