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Lack of posts. Here’s why:

My main problem with Zope is the documentation which is either a) for a version in advance of the one I’m using; b) has a prerequisite level I can only aspire to; or c) Doesn’t answer the question I have (like ‘What parameters do I feed it?’) whilst being the comprehensive, only documentation on the subject.

I’ve switched to KDE at work, because whilst I don’t like the interface, bloatedness or flakyness of it (esspecially JuK and Artsd, which I have to manually kill several times a day), the KIO system rocks (Basically, it allows me to open webdav documents with the filename ‘webdav:user@server/path/to/doc’, other documents over an ssh connection (fish:user@server/path/to/doc) or anything. There is absolutly no fucking way this should be part of the desktop environment, it should be split off from KDE so that everything, everybody, from curses to gnome to enlightenment should be able to (and should) use it.

Most of all, because the only text editor I can use with it is Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Editor, and I keep getting syntax errors because ”:wn” isn’t valid python. No, kvim doesn’t work. The Ubuntu (actually Debian in this case) package for AMD64 doesn’t actually include the kvim binary and I can’t get the thing to compile manually.

And now I have 10 minutes to get up and dressed before I have to go try to catch the bus. TTFN

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