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I’m being spammed.

The reason comments weren’t working was because I updated my spam detection system to detect on IPs (And broke it at the same time), and this was why I was doing that:

There is a moron spamming Aquarionics.

Actually, I suspect it’s a bot, because it’s filling in url, email and comment fields correctly, then pressing the last button on the form to submit it. It doesn’t appear to notice that the final button on the form is “Post as Private Comment” which actually just sends me an email, thus invalidating completely the idea of the comment spam. I’ve had thirty of these emails so far today, so I’m doing something about it, which is why the final button on the form is now “Post this comment to the trashcan”. If that appears to work, (It works the same as “Post as a Private Comment” right now) I’ll either hide the button or move it under the formatting options or something, but it seems to me to be a neat solution to this pillock’s script.

Incidentally, I’d recommend not talking about poker in my comments system for a little while 🙂

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