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“Crush. Kill. Destroy”

So, Having spent the last two weeks trying to get our ADSL modem working on Debian (and failing. Miserably) I gave in and tried to do it on ccooke’s Windows2000 install (having got permission, obviously) only to completely and totally fail. Over the course of six hours of trying to get the thing working on two differant operating systems, moving various things around the house to make sure that it wasn’t the phone extension cord causing problems and other exciting diagnostic possibilities, the idea of taking the fucking PCI card out into the back garden and hitting it repeatedly with a very large hammer is getting to be an increasingly positive looking project.

Doing this to every piece of computer equipment I own is also looking fun, and generally the idea of throwing a massive tantrum with the aid of a sledgehammer is finding all the possible down-sides being ignored in favour of “But they *deserve* it”. I am not a happy bunny. So I write entries instead.

The only thing keeping me from the above is the fact that Adrian has lent us the DVD of the first season of Spaced, which is excellent.

Then I decided to sort out some admin stuff, and talk to Singlepoint about my phone bill being paid twice. They told me one of the payments failed, which is good/bad, and also that *this* months bill is almost as high as last months. I get it in a couple of days. This is bad/bad.

But the weekend – Aquarius’ Housewarming thing involved Vodka, Munchkin (Plus expansion pack) and geeking. Aquarius has Eric Mayer‘s book on CSS [

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