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So, on the first of this month I signed on to the Dol^HJobcentre. Later that same day LoneCat pointed me at a job which had fallen into her inbox, and at 16:00 on 1st July, I applied for it. The job advert read like a check-list of all the things I’m either interested in or know about. They obviously agreed with that, because they replied to my freshly rewriten CV, as the next day they replied with an interview time for the following day (This would be the third of July, or two days after I applied), which I went to.

Over the next two weeks various things happened. An interview with the lead developer over the phone, a meeting of the CEO & CTO, and finally this morning (Afternoon, really) I woke up, went to get tea, and came back to discover they wanted to see me again. Within 45 minutes of waking up, I was on my way to London, for the final in this series of interviews…

Long story shorter, I’m now employed by BrowserAngel, who are doing cool social software things I’ll mention when they go global, and start at 10am tomorrow morning.

Today is a day for celebration. Anyone for tea?

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