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I’m sitting on the stairs in ccooke & ruthi’s flat. I could be preparing for the wedding I’m Best Man at in… ooh, four hours? I could prepare the speech, but I think I’ll just wing it…

What’s in the world today?

Aquarion’s Intranet – Wiki – Start

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Automobiles (The Sig Files)

Microsoft delivers ‘the Facts’ about Linux | The Register

mezzoblue – Everything looks like a blog

Black and white cookie (kottke.org)

Caveat Lector: Iunii 06, 2004 – Iunii 12, 2004 Archives

Making Light: Questions

ongoing – Atom News

youngpup.net – index

Writing Code Is Stupid

‘Game’: Fun with databases | Holovaty.com


Apple PowerBook G4 17: Amit Singh’s Review

Google Search: intitle:photo blog inurl:photo

Pet Rock Star: New Beginnings

(Lack of insightful commentry, I know, but this is mostly because I’ll want to know where I saw these later, and “On ccooke’s laptop” isn’t a helpful answer. Fortunatly the next release of Mozilla/Firefox (1.8/0.9*) will have Global Roaming profiles. Which is nice)

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