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And so the wedding has happened. Charles and Ruthi are now living in Married Bliss, Walthamstow. Yay them.

I was, as I aluded to in the previous missive, taking upon the role of Best Man for this event, which translated into getting ccooke to the church registry office on time. In the absense of the Best Woman, who was sadly too ill to make it, LC took on the challange of getting the Bride ready for the wedding day.

We did it.

The groom was early, the bride was on time, the guests were there (Aside from a statistically interesting number sudden illnesses ranging from pol’s flu though to Hunter’s pleurisy. I even remembered the rings, which was pretty likely given that I was checking my pockets every ten minutes from nine though to half eleven when the ceremony started…

I witnessed, LC witnessed, and photos were taken. Then we ordered taxies to take us to the reception, and eventually they turned up (The first taxi came and took most people who didn’t already have a car, leaving me and ruthi’s family at the registry office for an hour. Traffic, they said) The buffet was good, though possibly not large enough for the number of people it was ordered for, though less than that were there, so it sort of worked out. LC’s chocolate cake went down well, as did the Proper wedding cake (cooked by CC’s late mother, Iced by his father. It was nice). My speech went tolerably, given the circumstances. People seemed to like it, but it did need tuning…

(All right, I loved every second. I haven’t had a proper crowd to play with in ages)

…and music and dancing happened. Eventually we checked into a hotel and slept, then came home. Weekend over.

So, for ccooke and ruthi, may you have a long and happy life together. It was good wedding, we should do it again sometime…

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