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from ssta’s LJ

[smsie] Tron: about the only people NOT afraid of the MS legal division is the FSF legal division 🙂
[tron] smsie: Heheh
[smsie] everyone is afraid of the FSF legal division
[tron] smsie: And that’s only because they’re far more intelligent. 🙂
[smsie] Tron: nono, it’s because (a) they’re prety good lawyers and (b) they do it for free from a sense of zeal. ph33r the pro-bono lawyer with zeal. He’ll tie you up in court for a century and not care how much it’s costing you
[smsie] Tron: the FSF have armies of zealous pro-bono lawyers…so not only can they keep you in court forever…they can do it in shifts
[smsie] the FSF doesn’t have to be right….they just have to be convinced that they’re on the moral high ground

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