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Okay, so whilst January 1st is the date Aquarionics celebrates its birthday, The date of my first Blogger entry is the 7th April 2000 this makes it exactly one week until the 4th anniversary of me getting a Blogger account.

Tenuous? Indeed, but I didn’t think about this for the actual anniversaries (I started the diary in January 2000) so I’m doing it now.

There are actual prizes to be won, even. Real, actual, “Things I have to post you” prizes. Or Prize, anyway. You could win the very first, the only, the as-yet-non-existent Aquarionics Mug!

It’s a coffee mug, with an Aquarionics logo on it (I say “An” because the official logo changes in two weeks, and I may end up putting the circle-wibble logo, or possibly the new text logo, or something on it. I haven’t decided yet). Either way, this will be a two off (Not a one off, since I want one too). The only other person in the entire universe with a mug like this will be me. Isn’t that neat? Isn’t it cool? Doesn’t it make you just go ‘Oooh’?


“How”, I can hear you say, “Do we win such a splendid and very worthwhile gift?”
“Easy” I proclaim, with a swirl of my black cloak, “Write me an About page”.

It’s that easy. The current About page has so many additions and deletions it’s beginning to look silly, and with four years of archives (Although only the last year, maybe two, have been worthwhile) you probably know me better than I do, so write an about page.

Best one wins. Closing date is Midnight on April 11th.

And if I get a single entry, I’ll be amazed. I’ve got (as of 16:21) a single entry. I’m amazed

Send your entries to: “aquarion at gkhs dot net” enclosing a Stamped, Address Albatro… no, hang on. Just send them (If your mailer supports it, I’d recommend setting a “receipt requested” flag on the mail, just to make sure it gets to me).

So, Free stuff available, pass it on.

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