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Do, Do not. There is no try


Email works on a three strike system. If I get three (Legit) complaints about your use of the account, it closes. If you have a personal account at Aquarionics, it is for personal mail. Any attempt to use it for commecial purposes, including, but not limited to, spam, will result in immediate termination of account.

Having said that, If I have given you an account here, it means I trust you not to (muck) around with it. Please don’t.


Any email addresses gained from this site by us will be used for correspondance only. We will not give your address to anyone else unless you ask us to.

Other Stuff

Any comments on this website belong to the author. Bare in mind that the Guestbook is housed on another site, and I cannot be responsibe for what they do. Oh yes, The spirit of this document is beyond the content. Just because we havn’t said we won’t do something, doesn’t mean we will. We havn’t said we will track you down and kill all your relitives, but we arn’t likly to do that either.

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