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So, with little fanfare and a couple of outstanding bugs, the Nomic Rules Management system for the new Nomic game (Which is still open, btw) has gone live.

Technically, it’s a marval. Well, It has marvelosity. Technically it’s a malted hot drink then. (And with that, we begin the descent into anarchic britiocentric referencing, for which we apologise).

Okay, so this post is split into two parts, Nomic the Game, and Nomic Rule Manager 1.0. With this duet of games and geekness, I forsee that I’ll be able to totally alienate both halves of my readership at once with no unplesant verbal bending.

Nomic, Then.

Nomic is a metagame. It was invented by Peter Suber as an anology of law making. Basically, it’s a game in which there are no – or very few – rules to start with, but the ability to create new rules is in the rules. More information can be found on NomicNet, more specifically in the NomicWiki. My personal set of starting rules is derived from Peter Suber’s set, with a number of differences, mostly involved in playing it online instead of in person (In person, I prefer The Chairman’s Game) and doing away with all of the inital winning conditions so we can define our own.

Nomic Rules Manager is a simple rules manager for Nomic. It’s written in PHP, backends onto a database, and has an RSS (And ESF) feed. Yay. Code is Here

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