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So, at some point someone is going to have to explain what Digitiser was, and they can’t, because it doesn’t fit into words. Any fool can describe it as “The Teletext Games Pages”, but it sort of evolved from that into this dynamic, character based thing. And that’s character-based in both senses of the word.

Eventually someone from Teletext Management read it, I assume, and saw that it wasn’t totally about games anymore, and it kind of died. It was good though.

It’s also kind of coming back in website form.

It’s creator, Paul ‘Biffo’ Rose (Whose last sighting as BubbleGun just… stopped); as well as Amiga Power god Stuart Campbell and ex-PCGamer Reviews Editor, ex-Cmonster, award winning games journalist and comic writer Kieron Gillen are creating a brand new games website called Digiworld.tv which should be fun.

Actually, it could either be fun or vanish up it’s own arsehole like Digi seemed constantly in danger of doing, but we’ll see.

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