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So, nothing is happening.

In a bun dance. Yup, nothing beyond waltzing danishes is happening within the Aquarionic universes. The closest thing to anything happening was last night, when we had Strawberries and Cream, and managed to get it everywhere, but I can’t actually describe the event without getting even more strange search referrals than I already do. The idea of getting cream everywhere seems to be facinating to people using Yahoo.

Minor updates to the design have happened, including grouping entries by date and progress towards the Great Standards thing.

I hate – with a vengance unholy – the idea of clicking on a link and getting a “404”, since 404 is supposed to be a client error. The correct responce is supposed to be “410 – Gone” if it was once there but is no longer or “303 See Other” if we know where it’s gone. The ultimate aim – to get every URL I’ve ever used for the site to work. I think I’ve managed it now (with the exception of the pre-Klind Blogger links, but since I don’t think anyone linked to any particular entry before I switched off blogger (Quite a feat for a year and a half’s weblogging) I think I’m safe.

Also, all error messages also send back the appropirate HTTP//1.1 errors. Meaning that my award-winning intelligent 404 system is once again completely invisible to IE6 users with “Friendly Error Messages” turned on.

Minor design stuff too, the postpost bar has been cleaved in twain due to the new date stuff, and various admin stuff has been rewritten.

I’m bored. I haven’t had so much as a returned phone call from a recruiter in three weeks.

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