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This wasn’t the idea.

Friday, I go to a funeral. I get a whole load of first-hand experience of how frajile life is, and how it’s important to make do with what you have, ‘specially if the array of What You Have includes the string “Wonderful SO”. But that, of course, I don’t realise until the point where I’ve already left a /query with enough abruptness for it to seem like I’m annoyed.

JFTR, I wasn’t. I meant what I said about not being able to deal with People right now. That was the wrong thing to say.

So I’ve spent a while reading Cryptonomicon (Hence the previous entry) and failing to phone people incase they are working.

That’s my personal rational for not actually phoning anyone, like, ever unless I know – to a few decimal places – what they are doing or where they are. I’m terrified I’m going to be the person who phones in the middle of a lecture, or cinema, or while they are at the pub, or some other situation where talking to someone by phone is impreferable to silence. So I phone nobody.

And I sit and listen to CD’s, Play computer games, read books, and wonder if phoning was The Right Thing

Reading: Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson), Listening To: Five Guys Named Moe, Playing: Hostile Waters

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