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So, today we are packing. Ccooke arrived yesterday, and has now packed everything and gone, LoneCat’s stuff has half gone with her parents, now I just have to get Things Sorted. Stuff is happening tomorrow, and I’m transfering stuff to a storage place in Reading

(Find Storage Place…. Check)

But have totally failed to find a van for hire over the weekend in Cambridge, despite phoning six companies. What is it, Local Move Your Stuff Day? Bah.

(Find & Hire Van… Uncheck)

Dealt with legal threats from ISP due to unpaid bills due to emails not getting though. Yay.

But the best bit was the most suprising. Early this morning whilst on my normal scan of the job-emails I saw a reply inviting me to take a appitude test on Linux, MySQL, ANSI SQL, Unix & Oracle. Once I got over being unimpressed by the test’s not working in anything but IE, and filled in the preliminaries and stuff, I was asked 60 random questions about those subjects, to be answered within 45 seconds each.

Scary thing, really, since I haven’t taken any kind of exam in a while, I haven’t even installed Oracle, let alone admined it (Though I learnt SQL on it), and am not really Sysadmin level on either Linux or Unix.

Nevertheless, I passed. In fact, I scored within the top 5% of candidates (of which there were about 100). I apologise for this terribly blatent self-pleasedness, but I’m currently only just restraining myself from bouncing off the walls.

On top of this, I made chocolate cake. It is good chocolate cake, it is a tasty chocolate cake. It is _my_ chocolate cake 😛

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