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I’m not the worlds most tidy person.

[Picture of my floor]
Any room of mine will come, within a week, a small-scale tip, displaying the remains of temporary interests (“Woah! That’s the game I played for weeks when I was 14, I wonder if I can get it working on Maelstrom?”), long-term projects (Four reference books on C++, the Linux Admin’s Guide, the Perl Bookshelf) clothes, and at least twenty books in various states of read-ness from “Should read this soon” (Body Of Secrets), “Can’t read this while it mirrors the Real World” (Blood of the Fold), Reference works (Aladdin, Complete Works of Shakespere, a few notebooks of stuff on various Projects (including the diagrams making up the database for the MusicDB). Not to mention enough wires to tie me up and suspend me from the rafters.

So. Currently we are moving out of this house, which means doing the “Viewing” thing, which means people wandering around the house, which means even I, who in the House-Proud stakes got the wooden-spoon that still had dried-cake mix on it, was motivated to modify some of the more foot-deep aspects of my living quarters.

My carpet appears to be blue.


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