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Okay, So I don’t want to be what I am. News flash.

I’m a PHP Developer, at the moment. I’m reasonably sure I’m quite good at it. People have looked at my code and failed to scream in horror, which is good, I’m still digging up and using code I wrote when I was first starting PHP, which scores high on the code-reuse stakes, and I know it works because I use it daily. Well, some of it doesn’t work, like the bug that caused me to lose diary entry 5 because I forgot to save the state of a combo box, or the minor thing about lists in comments (They Don’t Work). Minor bugs that will be fixed.

So what the hell am I doing wrong?

LoneCat, my girlfriend, has had countless interviews since she moved here last September. I’ve had One. Singular. It was for the Designer post at IDL, and I got it (I interview fairly well). But no matter how many CVs and coverletters I send off, how many application forms and emails I send out, how many phone calls and recruiters messages I take, I haven’t had a single interview? I know I have employable skills, and I realise it’s a sucky time to be looking for a job, but still…

Ideal job? Webmaster for the community site for a games company. No question. Building bespoke content-driven database-accessing web applications is something I can do, and want to. Esspecially in PHP, or even in any language given a few weeks to learn the basics of it. I’m applying for Junior SysAdmin roles, because it’s a job I’d like to do, and even designer things, because it’s a job I can do. But almost every “PHP Developer” role I’ve seen requires ASP. WTF?

So, I’m no longer convinced I’m unemployable. Yay. Go Me. This isn’t, currently, helping me find a job. Positive Mental Attitude is a requirement once people are talking to me, so the question is how do I get people talking to me?

Since it’s patently obvious I have no idea, I’ve put my CV online, minus a couple details. If anyone has any comments on it, shoot. If you want the rest of the CV so you can employ me, Great 🙂
Ignoring layout for now (The real version is a word doc, the real HTML version is coming soon) What do you think?

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