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Ye gods.

The con? Hah. Left on Friday (…Up at six in order to be up to receive parcel containing T-Shirts, planing to be out by eight thirty so I could go shopping for stuff I needed, Failed, went out at ten to miss a train that left at eleven, ended up getting a lift to the con with Rand, Ruthi and CC, the people I’d left at the house an hour before…)

Frightening people with a Hat – capital letters deserved – that CC picked up for the visual equivalent of a one line joke (Me dressed in white with black hat, CC reversed) before discovering that hat quite suited me and my current monochrome/splash dress code (You don’t think clothing this consistent happens by accident, do you?) so I now have a hat. Go Me.

Helped the con by guarding rooms, presenting panels, and guiding guests to rooms. Failed to attend any event I wasn’t involved in between the opening and closing ceremonies, had an awful lot of fun, scared people with jokes, failed to converse at length with any guests, spent far too much time singing on Sunday night, and met a whole load of people I haven’t seen for ages, and new faces too. Even Dastardly David Chapman, who wasn’t too bad in the flesh – but is now making up for it with interest on the group. *And* I got to introduce him to two of his arch enemies on AFP, which was fun.

My excuse for lack of updates over the last couple of weeks is twofold. First, I spent much of it in Kent – away from my computer – and second, Reef (Geekhouse’s master server and router) developed an intense hatred of the heat, culminating in the power supply dying over the weekend. Today I spent thirty pounds on a new power supply. *sigh*.

Came back to five hundred e-mail messages, one of which caused my mail collector to segfault, so I had to view them on the server…

Oh, and I’ve left AFP. Again. Not for good, but certainly until I have something else that I’m working on and getting feedback for. I’m bored of writing posts that everyone reads, but nobody replies to. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a stony silence. This is a Usenet Problem, and people saying at the con “Oh, I read all your posts” is nice, but too late. I’ve done it, I’ve spent ages on it, and I’ve watched it sink into the mud. I used to judge my posting ability by how often I got put onto alt.humor.best-of-usenet. I stopped because most of it isn’t funny, which is lucky, because I haven’t been quoted since.

Until I’m doing something that I’m getting feedback for, I’m going to be relying on everything *else* to validate my existence. If I lean on AFP for feedback, I’ll drown in apathy, so once again I leave while I don’t hate everyone on it.

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