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Every so often I am reminded of why I read.

My brothers do not read. I’ve sucessfully convinced one of them to read – and enjoy – Transmetropolitan, and the other has been known to read the occasional book, but only ever on holiday. Both my parents do, too. But I’ve recently gone though a sucession of books (Fallen Dragon, Circle and the Cross, Wasp Factory, The first five books of the Wheel of Time) where I ploughed though them more as something to do than as something I enjoyed. I haven’t finished any of the above books.

So I reread Feet of Clay, and my faith in books is reaffirmed. I started at the beginning, and just *read* the thing, enjoying every page, seeing things in the story that I missed before, and generally being with the story, instead of watching it from another world. Books are good.

In other news, the AFPMovie Project is now officially over. I could go on for a while about the sheer number of mistakes we made, and problems we had, and produce a complete guide for how it went carefully and slowly down the tubes. One day, I will write an article about it. Right now I’m dealing with the admittance that a project I have helped work on for over a year now has finally collapsed. Tomorrow I start the process of returning money.

And Also… The Jubliee. If they can make the Royal Variety performances something like that I will be suitably impressed. Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton playing together? Please….

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